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The first name of Madina-al-Munawara was ’’Yasrab’’. Its climate was not healthy. It was called the city of diseases and problems. Its water had bitter taste. Viral diseases were very common here. No one used to like to live here but Rasulullah (s.a.) chose this city to live after Hijrat (leaving Makkah).

After the arrival of Rasulullah (s.a.) this city became the city of pleasant weather and healthy atmosphere. Its surrounding became peaceful and Rasulullah (s.a.) changed its name from ’’Yasrab’’ to ’’Tayba’’ or ’’Munawara’’. .

In Arabic ’’MADINA’’ means ’’CITY’’. So, its full name is ’’Madina-al-Munawara’’ which means, The City of Lights. It is also called ’’Madina-e-Tayba’’ which means ’’The City of Purity’’ When Rasulullah (s.a.) came and settled in Madina he prayed Allah and begged : ’’O ! Allah, as Nabi Ibrahim (a.s.) begged for Makkah’s People, I am also Your Nabi, I beg for Madina’s People. You may Please Put Benefits in the Measurement and weights of Madina’s People. You May Reward two times more to Madina’s People’’On one occasion Rasulullah (s.a.) said that He (s.a.) had chosen ’’Madina’’ as his home (HARAM) same as Nabi Ibrahim (a.s.) had chosen Makkah for his Haram.

Once Rasulullah (s.a.) said that the man whose heart had ’’IMAN’’ (Trust / Belief), he would come to ’’Madina-e-Munawara’’ just like a snake which runs towards its hole. On one occasion Rasulullah (s.a.) said, who kept his patience over the difficulties and hardship during his stay in ’’Madina’’, He (s.a.) pomised to spare him from his faults on the Day of Judgement.

Because of Rasulullah (s.a.) Dua (prayer), Madina-al-Munawar is now an attractive and modern city of the world. In the Night its colourful lights are incredible. The green dome and coloured designed Minarets of ’’masjid-e-Nabvi’’ started to look as soon as one enters in the city. Modernly built fly-overs, bright under ground roads and beautifully organized trees, bushes and coloured fountains along with roads have enhanced its beauty. Huge and big buildings, International Hotels and beautifully constructed apartments, double its attractive looking. "One must Visit Madina atleast once in a lifetime".

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